Dear WordPress

•February 23, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Kiss my ass.  I’ve been a loyal blogger with your service for over four years, with multiple blogs.  You host my smut blog, and my cooking blog.  Until now I’ve had nothing but praise for your service.  Then a very innocuous link linking to a product on EdenFantasys was jacked and replaced with a smartass page about not linking to affiliate pages.  I didn’t think I had, until I realized I must have been logged into my EdenFantasys account and it had tacked on my affiliate extension.  Even that little bit on the URL was enough for you to jack the link entirely.

So fuck you.  If I have to dance around linking outside of WordPress for whatever reason, you are no longer worth the trouble.  I had resisted the mass exodus to Blogger, because I loved your crisp, clean Dashboard and I am a creature of habit.  But if you insist on screwing me every time I post a link like that, I don’t love you and I don’t need you.

Master was kind enough to buy me a domain with WordPress installed, but which is free of your archaic bullshit.



My new blog will be found at


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